Better Coffee, Faster Service
Insomiax Coffee specializes in the production and sale of high quality coffee drinks, fruit smoothies, lunches, platters and salads. Freshly-baked pastries and desserts are made to order, delivered fast and fresh to you or your business.

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High Quality Brand Coffee
  Insomniax Coffee has been serving fresh coffee made of premium blend of 100% Arabica beans from day one. The beans are sourced from some of the most renowned coffee regions of thet world. Coffee that contains no artificial flavours and no additives but tastes great, naturally. We pride ourseleves in providing excellent coffee brewed from high quality beans, at reasonable prices.
Fresh Pastries & Sandwiches

Insomiax offers a wide assortment of pastries, cookies, muffins, bagels and sandwiches. All sandwiches are freshly made and discarded after they loose freshness. Any unused pastries are donated to charity or discarded.

Environmentalism because we care too ..

  Whenever possible, we choose to use environmentally friendly products. For example, we do not use plasticized aluminum valve-lock back or laminated paper/poly bags because they are not recyclable. Our coffee bags are completely recyclable: a natural kraft lined with glassine (recyclable as kraft paper or cardboard). We also choose to use shade-grown coffee. Shade-grown coffee is grown under a canopy of diverse species of shade trees, often on small farms using traditional techniques. Among the many benefits of using shade-grown coffee production methods, in contrast to sun-grown coffee, are that it provides food and shelter for songbirds, as well as habitat for numerous other species of animals and plants.
Established in 2002
The Insomiax Coffee Company was started in 2002 and has grown to 4 locations. The original business was started by buying into a failing business, but through our hard work, and dedication to quality coffee and customer experience we managed to turn the business around. Since then, we have opened in a new location inside a hospital, and continue to seek expansion opportunities. This is a family owned and operated business, and will remain so.